Wednesday, 3 October 2018

A Song For National Grandparents Day

  F A M I L Y  T R E E 

This time last year, Clare Balding played my song Family Tree on her Radio 2 show for National Grandparents Day.
This Sunday (7th Oct) is National Grandparents Day 2018 and I'm on a mission to try and make Family Tree an official anthem to celebrate the day!!
We would love as many people as possible to champion the song so if you would like to help me on my mission, then anytime this Sunday please share the song (links below) on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and mention it's #nationalgrandparentsday (also hashtag #familytree #louisegolbey too). Thank you so much in advance. 

Video (ft. photos of my friends' grandparents) 

Ps: as you may know the song is extremely special to me - not only did I write it about my wonderful late Grandma, but also my dear talented friend Werner who I co-wrote the music with, sadly passed away the same year - so this song has even more significance and emotion attached to it. The song will live on in their honour.

Thank you for your support. 

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